Interior plastering can be required for many reasons, you may have a new building or extension that needs the correct finish to be applied to the new walls, you may be just looking at home improvements including decoration or modernisation,  or it could be part of major refurbishment or restoration. Newly plastered walls offer long term flexibility over wallpaper, if you fancy a change you can just paint over it with a new colour! This obviously offers financial benefits if you like to decorate quite often!

P.F. Wayne and Son’s carry out all types of internal plastering throughout the Torquay and Devon area, including:

  • Float and skim “backing coat of sand and cement or light weight gypsum plaster and top coat of finishing plaster”
  • Plasterboard and skim “fixture of plasterboards to wooden or metal stud or ceilings and skim with finishing plaster”
  • Dot and dab “fixing plasterboard to solid walls and skim with finishing plaster”

If you would like us to advise what type of plaster work you may require, Contact us today, we’d love to hear from you.

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